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Cruise Ship Casino

Have you ever thought of living your passion for a casino at sea? Once very exclusive and reserved for an elite clientele, it is now easier and easier to find a cruise ship with a casino on board. What’s more, these lounges often offer a wide range of games as well as staggering jackpots. Let’s take a closer look at these ships that combine gaming pleasure and escape!


A number of activities are offered during a cruise. In addition to the obligatory tourist activities (visits during ports of call, activities on land, etc.), the ships are equipped to make your stay pleasant and rejuvenating: fitness room, spa, theatre, swimming pool, water slides.

The casino appears to be just another activity. And yet, these gaming rooms often offer huge winnings. Indeed, the jackpots of the slot machines are more than surprising, a nice discovery once on board!

This high payout rate can be explained by the fact that on-board casinos are not subject to any legislation. Indeed, sailing on international waters.

Therefore, unlike their land-based counterparts, cruise casinos do not have to pay a share of their gross gaming revenue to the state and do not pay fixed taxes.

However, you can only take advantage of these benefits when the ship is in international waters. As most ships dock in the morning, you will have to wait until the port leaves at the end of the day to take advantage of these gaming areas.

However, the casinos are now connected. You can play on the terrace of your cabin with your smartphone or tablet!


As you’ve come to know, we want to offer you the best possible holidays and have made it a habit to compare the options available to you, in order to recommend the best ones.
For once, we’re going to help you make the best choice about which cruise line to sail with!


Costa Cruises‘ ships offer a number of popular destinations such as the Norwegian Fjords and the Mediterranean. Your days and nights will be pleasantly busy! After a spa session, a moment of relaxation by the pool, your day is far from over: the entertainment continues until dawn. Casino, disco or theatre, it’s up to you to create the perfect cocktail for your evening!
Costa Cruises ships



MSC Cruises is targeting more exotic destinations, such as the Caribbean islands and the southern Indian Ocean. Its fleet of 12 ships is marked by a classic Italian style.

An experience not to be missed: the 4D cinema! On the casino side, the “thirty-forty” game is the little star of these ships.


The English company Cunard Line is one of the few to offer world tours. Its specialty is wellness cruises: thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, and relaxation will be the keywords of your holiday.

The afternoon is marked by the traditional “tea time”. The company is pleased to play the British ambassador and offer you a free tea tasting, accompanied by scones and mini club sandwiches.

Gambling enthusiasts will be delighted to find blackjack, roulette, and slot machines on board.


Celebrity Cruises offers a range of 260 destinations. A special feature of this company is that you can do things that you would not be able to do on an ordinary cruise ship.

You can work on your golf swing, discover croquet, improve your basketball skills or challenge your friends to a game of bowling. Let’s face it; these are unusual activities on a ship!


Carnival Cruise Lines offers cruises that are more focused on fun and enjoyment on board. Your tickets entitle you to several free restaurants, an adults-only relaxation area, and several gyms.

The pool area is quickly taken over by entertainment and music. A DJ is often on hand in the late afternoon to help you get an early start to your evening!

This fleet of 22 boats will take you as far as the USA, Canada, or Alaska.

Carnival Cruise Lines casinos are equipped with slot machines. It’s possible to see huge jackpots!


The Princess Cruises fleet seems to offer the most interesting travel/casino combo. Indeed, you’ll find one-armed bandits on board accepting bets from 1 cent to 1 dollar.

For those who enjoy table games, challenge the bank at blackjack, roulette, or craps, a particularly friendly game! A poker room is also available. Croupiers await you for games of Texas Holdem, Caribbean Stud and 3-card poker.

For beginners, advisors are on hand to explain the rules of these different games. When it comes to travel and escape, Princess Cruises offers cruises to breathtaking destinations.

So you can discover Hawaii and Haiti, the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, the Pacific coast of Mexico.


Royal Caribbean International puts its casinos on display very well. Thus, every evening, the casinos of its ships are very popular and the games of blackjack or poker Texas Holdem follow one another.

Dreamlike jackpots are linked to almost a hundred machines. Game tutorials are held every evening in the beginner’s area to share this common passion.

This company is surely the one that offers the most beautiful cruise loops: North or South America, Asia, Pacific, Atlantic, Northern Europe, Caribbean, or Mediterranean. A wide range of destinations to make the cruise of your dreams!


Wind Star Cruises is a company that emphasises the pleasure of travel and the thrill of discovering new destinations. Aboard large sailing ships, sail the seas! Head for Asia, the Mediterranean, the Greek islands, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Tahiti… The ships of this fleet have quality gaming rooms, in a cosy and modern atmosphere. You can break the bank at blackjack or challenge your luck at the slot machines!